Some of our recent projects include the following, with 7 to 10 year warranties. Easy to read Exterior quotes base on your number of units


Exterior surfaces are carefully prepared to prevent water leaks, and air loss due to cracks. The window trim, door trim, aluminum/wood fascia, stucco, brick, aluminum, chimneys, garages, and doors are processed by filling cracks, removing loose paint, and pressure washing to clean the surfaces. The area is then covered with a coat of high quality primer to insure a clean finish. These surface preparations and coating applications produces a finish that will stand the test of time.


Utilizing the latest technology and highly skilled professionals, we provide services for the commercial market, including tenant improvements, exterior buildings, build outs, conversions, restoration, specialty, multi-family and institutional projects. As a result, our clients can feel confident that they are receiving a superior product and service for a competitive price. Our customers can also be assured that we will respond to their scheduling needs, providing sufficient manpower to complete each job on time.


We do what it takes to ensure that every business painted receives the same top quality paint job. Once the interior area is protected, we prepare the surfaces to insure a finish that meets your specs. This step includes repairing cracks and imperfections with fiberglass tape, drywall compound, caulking or putty. We repair sheetrock damage, fill nail holes, prime & sand walls, and more. Oil or water stains are sealed with a coat of high quality primer to prevent stains from bleeding through the new paint.

Any painting company can throw paint on a wall, but real painting contractors understand the need for wall prep and repair.  At A Rite Way Painting Contractors we ensure that you get a perfect paint job every time, and this means getting the painting surface in  good  condition.

Investment Properties

Painting has to be considered one of the most important services needed when getting an investment property ready for sale. Skipping this critical step could be the difference between a quicker sale,or months upon months of a property being left on the market. Curb appeal makes all the difference in the world. Let A Rite Way Painting Contractors be the ones to aid you in your mission to sell your property as fast as possible.  And don't forget to ask about our special investor rates.
A Full-Service Multi-Family Contractor
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